About us


Extensive experience with high demanding applications

The foundation of our metallurgical background was created by the intensive global production experience of high performance steels and alloys within several primary industries.

Extensive experience with high demanding applications under extreme conditions, high abrasive components and spare parts enables us to understand the challenges of our world class producing customers and suppliers which are key industries that shape the world.

We design optimized solutions by a thorough understanding of

  • The production processes of our customers
  • The wear mechanisms like abrasion, corrosion and impact
  • The material and its metallurgical properties
  • Complex heat treatment procedures for tool steel, ferro and non-ferro

The quality processes are designed to produce components with high demands on the reproducibility of complex heat treatment with high tolerances.

We  work closely with our customers, universities, research centres and suppliers to engineer innovative, effective and sustainable solutions. 

These technology driven solutions increase the productivity of our customers by reducing producing cost, improving time efficiency and the reduction of environmental impact.

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