Dredger Adapters


We produce the best dredger adapters for cutter systems

Holland Dredging Industries™ develops patented and reverse engineered improved Adapter for cutter systems specifically for the dredging industry.

Our knowhow – your advantage

  • We engineer, calculate and produce all moulds for the adapters in our own facilities which enables us to meet the exact dimensional tolerances during the casting process.
  • Our dedicated heat treatment process finally extracts the maximum mechanical performance out of the carefully casted and forged complex alloys.
  • We keep customer specific stock in our warehouse and replenish automatically

After conservation we will send the Adapters with our patented packaging system which reduces handling, transport cost and improves operational efficiency and onboard safety.

Holland Dredging Industries™  makes dredging cost, time and safety effective!

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Dredging adapters
Cutter system adapter
Dredger adapter

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