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The cast products manufactured in our production facilities we can produce castings which have a delivery weight from 1 to 4500 kg per piece. However, in cooperation with our partners, we can produce castings up to a delivery weight of several tons per piece.


  • The individual part and small series production of special cast products is carried out using the water glass ester process.
  • For high precision requirements and high demands on surface quality, we use the ceramic moulding process – Shaw process.
  • For prototypes and individual parts we use 3D printing technology (rapid prototyping).


The model equipment is produced in cooperation with our experienced contractual partners.
For simple castings, the patterns are produced both by hand and on conventional processing machines. Geometrically more demanding ones, on the other hand, are produced on CNC-controlled milling and turning machines.

Soldification simulation

With the solidification simulation we can offer our customers computer-aided simulation of a casting process

This enables us to identify possible weak points in advance of the casting development.
The solidification simulation is a very useful and economical supplement to the unavoidable practical tests.

Melting technology

  • 1 x high frequency induction furnace, liquid capacity  180 kg
  • 1 x high frequency induction furnace, liquid capacity  6000 kg
  • 1 x high frequency induction furnace, liquid capacity 8000 kg

The quality of the raw material is also decisive for the final product.

Heat treatment

All heat treatments are carried out in our own electrically heated deep furnaces. Our key competencies are:

  • Normalizing
  • Remuneration
  • Tempering
  • Solution heat treatment – quenching
  • Soft annealing

With appropriate heat treatment, the required mechanical properties of castings can be ensured.

Mechanical finishing

On state-of-the-art horizontal and vertical MAZAK CNC lathes with driven tools, the finishing of the castings is carried out in our company.

  • The turning of larger and heavier castings is carried out on a CNC carousel lathe with driven tools up to 1200 mm diameter.
  • Smaller castings are machined on horizontal CNC lathes with driven tools.
  • Machining of simple components is performed on conventional lathes and milling machines.

Quality assurance

To ensure the high quality required by the customer, we carry out destructive and non-destructive testing procedures.

  • The spectrometer is used to check the chemical composition of materials.
  • Destructive and non-destructive tests are performed in external accredited laboratories.
  • For all products we issue test certificates according to EN 10204 (chemical analysis, mechanical properties) as well as reports on non-destructive testing (RT, PT, MT and UT testing) and intergranular corrosion (IK).

With Holland Dredging Industries™ your component castings are in One stop Shop!

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