Dredging equipment

Dredging equipment

Holland Dredging Industries™ specialises in the production and development of dredging equipment and services used by the best dredgers in the world. With extensive possibilities and products we can provide you with the best tools such as adapters, pick-points and other dredging components

The performance of a cutter suction dredger depends on the quality and durability of the high wear excavation equipment.

Our first class European production sites are among the most efficient foundries, forging facilities and high-tech CNC machining plants, where we design, engineer and manufacture your most demanding components.

Dredging equipment

Dredgers that can use our dredging equipment

Every dredging project requires a different approach. Holland Dredging Industries is eager to provide you with the right equipment for your project. Various dredgers are available for this purpose:

  • Trailing suction hopper dredgers
  • Cutter suction dredgers
  • Backhoe dredgers
  • Grapple dredgers
  • Environmental dredgers
  • Other auxiliary equipment

There are two different methods used in dredging: mechanical dredging and hydraulic dredging. Mechanical dredging is mainly used when there is a hard soil. Cutter heads are used to excavate or remove rough material. Hydraulic dredging is done by using water jets to dredge surfaces such as sand or gravel. The loosened material is extracted by special pumps and thus further processed.

We guarantee on all your dredging equipment requirements

  • Consistant mechanical properties
  • Solid tolerances on dimensions
  • Reliable and short delivery times

Our geologists, metallurgists and engineers have over 50 years of experience in the dredging and mining industry and work closely with the best European, American, Japanese and Russian manufacturers of high-grade steels. This knowledge, combined with our facilities, enables us to deliver tailor-made dredging equipment. If you have a request for customised parts, please contact us.

Holland Dredging Industries™ dredging wear parts makes dredging cost, time and safety effective!

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